Wednesday, March 28, 2007

What a guy might not want to hear when two girls are talking about him...

"So was he really moist when you found him?"

"Yeah, way moist."

--From a conversation between my two lab partners in anatomy class, talking about the new cadaver in our lab.

Yes, you can barf now, Joz.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Thoughts on a Sunday (when I should be studying...)

o Just saw two movies from the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival this weekend, the singalong Flower Drum Song, and King and the Clown.

o I think I can now appreciate Flower Drum Song now for what it represents in terms of Asian American history and culture, even though it's not a really good musical for Rogers and Hammerstein. Kinda funny how much I've mellowed out from my old pseudo-militant days in college and how much I can really appreciate things for what they are, and not looking at them through the know-it-all eyes of a 20-something. It also helps that James Shigeta was really hot in the late 50s and early 60s. Here he is in Flower Drum Song and here he is in the Crimson Flower, which featured the first ever interracial kiss between an Asian man and a white woman in American movies.

o King and the Clown (click here for a synopsis) was an incredibly well done movie, and the subtitles were really well done (a lot of it done as Shakespearean-style English). Considering how restrained the movie was (except for the last few minutes where it really got into typical Korean soap opera drama) and how nuanced the homosexuality was (and maybe the first-ever kiss between two men in Korean cinema?), it pulled at me a lot more than I was expecting. I found the king pretty attractive too...

o While I was waiting in line for King and the Clown, a guy was getting Asians to sign petitions as part of Asian Equality , a group that's part of Organization of Chinese Americans. When I mentioned to the guy that the husband and I were on their website, he started telling me that I was "a hero" and that he liked "my work." After the conversation, I thought, "What work have I done?" Compared to the work that a lot of my other activist friends have done on a daily basis, like Rona Fernandez and Trinity Ordona, I feel more like a bystander. I try to show my support and activism in different ways, and still feeling burned after the fiasco of FTFA, I feel like that my heart's more in doing general Asian American and gay stuff, and not necessarily gay Asian American stuff. I guess I'm really frustrated about what little activism there is among queer Asian American men, and how I'm tired of being the guy who always seems to put the torch out here in SF. Maybe it's also my own preference to stay on the sidelines, to keep doing my work, but always maintaining a sense of separateness to keep myself in check.

o I've also been trying to rediscover parts of myself that, for one reason or another, I realized I've ignored. Most of it is sexual--and if you're really that curious, send me an e-mail. :P

Sunday, March 11, 2007

SF Int'l Asian American Film Festival--what I'm seeing and might see...

here are some movies that I plan on seeing for the SF International Asian American Film Festival. They don't have a queer shorts program this year...which is probably a good thing since most of them suck.

Singalong (!!!) Flower Drum Song

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King and the Clown

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Ang Pamana (The Inheritance)

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Koryo Saram -- The Unreliable People

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The Mistress of Spices

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Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cool stuff from an alum of my high school...

Just saw this in SJ Merc about the director of a movie about Gwen Araujo, the transgender Latina who was killed by three men after she was found to be physically male. Found out that the director graduated from Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, which is where I graduated in 1991. I wasn't out at all in high school though I did have a boyfriend at the time, though I have heard now that Wilcox has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Filmmaker tells transgender's tale, identifies with teen's suffering - By Lisa Fernandez
Mercury News

Finally, everyone wants to hear the story Shelly Prevost has to tell. The South Bay filmmaker's documentary "Trained in the Ways of Men" has San Jose's Cinequest Film Festival abuzz. View Full Story


Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Happy birthday to me...

Well, I'm 33.

Hmm, feels the same as 32.

Well, not really.

I already know this year's going to be a very interesting one for me, what with pharmacy school applications looming in the summer, not to mention doing at least the Rough Water Swim in Honolulu and maybe even the Honolulu Marathon if I'm crazy/stupid enough to do both.

Lots of other cool and scary things are going to happen me this year, and I'll talk about them more when I'm up to talking about them.

Did I mention to buy me something from my Amazon Wish List? :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Chianti and fava beans anyone?

So we're really getting into the cadaver prosections for my anatomy class, and learning about the gastrointestinal tract and all the other organs and other things associated with it.

Our teacher (who's pretty cute for a middle aged white guy) recommended that we throw on an old shirt that we're not interested in keeping after the class since the preservative chemicals have a tendency to stay on the clothing even after repeated washings.

So one of the people in my lab group (who got the highest grade in our practical--I was #2 apparently) reaches into her bag...

And pulls out a chef's uniform coat.

The other people in my group are a little stunned, and just as she says, "what?", we start laughing. Later we find out that she owns a restaurant with her husband and it was an old chef's uniform that she was getting rid of.

Considering that we were studying the liver in detail today, the uniform coat was just abso-fucking-brilliant. :)

Saturday, March 03, 2007