Monday, March 05, 2007

Chianti and fava beans anyone?

So we're really getting into the cadaver prosections for my anatomy class, and learning about the gastrointestinal tract and all the other organs and other things associated with it.

Our teacher (who's pretty cute for a middle aged white guy) recommended that we throw on an old shirt that we're not interested in keeping after the class since the preservative chemicals have a tendency to stay on the clothing even after repeated washings.

So one of the people in my lab group (who got the highest grade in our practical--I was #2 apparently) reaches into her bag...

And pulls out a chef's uniform coat.

The other people in my group are a little stunned, and just as she says, "what?", we start laughing. Later we find out that she owns a restaurant with her husband and it was an old chef's uniform that she was getting rid of.

Considering that we were studying the liver in detail today, the uniform coat was just abso-fucking-brilliant. :)

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