Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cool stuff from an alum of my high school...

Just saw this in SJ Merc about the director of a movie about Gwen Araujo, the transgender Latina who was killed by three men after she was found to be physically male. Found out that the director graduated from Wilcox High School in Santa Clara, which is where I graduated in 1991. I wasn't out at all in high school though I did have a boyfriend at the time, though I have heard now that Wilcox has a Gay-Straight Alliance.

Filmmaker tells transgender's tale, identifies with teen's suffering - By Lisa Fernandez
Mercury News

Finally, everyone wants to hear the story Shelly Prevost has to tell. The South Bay filmmaker's documentary "Trained in the Ways of Men" has San Jose's Cinequest Film Festival abuzz. View Full Story


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