Saturday, April 28, 2007

Goings on the past few days...

o Had a great time celebrating the husband's 35th birthday at Cote Sud in the Castro with some great friends. The husband stressed out because a few too many people showed up, but it was a great time anyway.

o Getting excited about applying for pharmacy school--apps open up in a month. Ack! Getting my letters of recommendation ready and honing my writing skills--wish me luck. :)

o Celebrated the 10th anniversary (wow) with the husband on Thursday (even though it was technically on Tuesday) by doing Dining Out for Life at Chenery Park in Glen Park in SF. We both shared some lobster ravioli, then the husband had panko-breaded catfish with French fries and I had this too-soupy gumbo. For dessert, he had a chocolate angel food cake with a Cabernet-blackberry sorbet while I had a bread pudding with hard bourbon sauce. I still can't believe it's been 10 years with him!

o The husband had a minor fracture of his left 3rd toe a couple weeks ago, which is healing nicely.

o I had the cyst on my right buttock removed (the one that caused me so much grief a couple months ago) on Wednesday. It's healing just fine, and thankfully there was no play-by-play by the doctor like the nurse who drained my abscess did months ago. He didn't use enough local anesthetic, so it hurt when I felt the doctor cauterizing the cyst and it was gross smelling my own burning flesh...

o And now we're going to eat. :)

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