Saturday, May 26, 2007

What the hell is up with the crazy Asian people?

First, the Virginia tech shooter. No explanation needed.

Now, the Korean American woman who was able to pretend that she was a student at Stanford for nearly a year before she got caught. (Full story from here)

And a second Asian woman, Japanese American, is being banned from Stanford Physics for doing the same thing. (Click here for the article)

I don't particularly understand why people aren't noticing the fact that these people are crazy, especially if the first Stanford woman is "distraught and hysterical" for getting caught, and some people are actually calling for her to stay at Stanford to get her degree.

Personally, if she were to take some meds and do some real therapy, maybe, but otherwise, no way in frickin' hell would I want a biologist or physicist with that kind of mental fuckups to be doing any work.

At least in sociology, it's a given that you're at least some kind of sociopath to get into that line of work. :)

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