Tuesday, June 12, 2007

How do I measure my life?

So the national application for pharmacy school opened up on the 1st, and in the midst of getting that done along with waiting for supplementals from other schools, I came across a question that was asked by UOP to account for each year of my life since my senior year in high school in terms of school and work experience. As I started filling out that application (and needed an extra page), it came as a shock that it's been 16-17 years since my senior year in high school, and it got me thinking. How would I measure my life? What are the things that are important to me?

Would it be my coming out process? The three romantic relationships I've had and the countless one night stands? My awards? My jobs? My friends? My family? My slowly receding hairline? My decreasing blood pressure?

It's such a weird thing, trying to distill these experiences onto a few sheets of paper into a package that's appropriate and suitable, and being forced to leave out things that personally are important vs. things that are important in terms of my application, but not personally.

I'm not sure how I would chronicle my life--especially since there are so many signifiers out there especially online that I can look at, like my posts on Usenet groups, pictures on my Flickr, my friends on MySpace, Friendster, etc.

It's a shock to realize how easy it is to sneak a look at my past online and see what I was thinking, and how I've changed from being the green, newbie idealist to the
cautious skeptic. I didn't think that I'd be growing up, and yet, here I am, covering my mouth in horror when the words, "When I was your age" start spilling out to my friends 10-15 years younger than me...

I'd like to think that my life so far has been pretty mundane, but then again, many of the things I've done have been mostly pretty banal to a few earth-shattering, literally history-making moments (like getting married to the husband) that it really does make me wonder what else is going to happen--all the incredible, crazy, scary things that will happen.

Life is such a crazy thing sometimes.

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