Thursday, June 21, 2007

I'm here. Really.

And to think that I'd actually have some time to relax during my time off between classes.

Nope--just a lot of work and working out and nursing a bum right shoulder. Oh yeah, and doing my pharm school applications.

The bum right shoulder is bugging me so much that I've decided to hold off on doing the Rough Water swim in Honolulu until next year since I can barely swim more than an hour without my shoulder screaming at me.
Trying to do any sort of weight lifting over my head hurts like hell, so can't do that either. Fucking sucks. Thankfully my shoulders are at a size that I like so I don't have to worry too much about working them out anyway. I'm planning on doing PT to see if that'll help.

The applications for pharm school are going pretty well--I'm almost done with the national application and then have to worry about the supplementals. It also helps that I've been talking with people who are pharmacists and pharmacy students, and it's helping cement that this is what I really wanna do. I remember having nagging doubts that would escalate to loud screams when I was doing graduate school, and with pharm school, none of that's happening. Kinda weird not to have that, but very cool anyway.

SF Pride's coming up, but I'm just marching in the parade on Sunday this year with the husband with the Billy DeFrank Center, where I would hang out when I was first coming out in the early 90s. We also gave a talk there after we got married in '04. We also scored tickets for a VIP party at City Hall that day too, so that should be interesting.

Both of these have helped me realize how much my identity's evolved and reacted to my sexual identity--from having my queerness trump everything (and the personal drama that happened which contributed to my barely passing a lot of my classes in college), to just having it be an integrated part of who I am that's simply that--just part of who I am (and the lack of drama in that respect helped me do fabulously in all those classes I'm taking now and has helped me maintain a focus that I haven't really had in a long time).

I also got some minicards from, which makes me realize that I need to keep taking pictures and updating my Flickr photoblog.

So I'm here--just not as much as I used to be. But I'm enjoying having somewhat of a life--at least until the end of July. :)

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