Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Classes starting already! *sigh*

So aside from all the craziness with the husband leaving for Seattle in about a month and a half (Thanks to people who sent me e-mails, btw), what's stressing me out isn't that, surprisingly enough.

Starting this Saturday, I'm going to be a virtual (both online and otherwise) hermit.

I'm taking this 4 week intensive course on organic chemistry through New College of California's Science Institute, where 18 weeks of material is compressed into 4 Saturdays/Sundays with the expectation of studying at least 3 hours a night in between.

If I didn't have a life before, I really don't have one now.

The good (or bad) thing about this is that I take the PCAT the weekend after the class is over on the 25th, so everything will be fresh in my head. And I get to see Avenue Q with the husband and some good friends of ours too that night.

The bad part is that my regular school starts on the 22nd of August (microbiology and a televised course on general psych)--and that night I have my o-chem final. At least I'm taking the last of my required classes this semester. And I want to finish all my pharm school applications by the end of August so I just have to worry about supplementals and interviewing.

My brain will be completely fried after this.

Wish me luck!


:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I haven't read your blog in weeks due to finals only to find out you are going hermit while I am out on break. Where's the justice in that?!

Yoshi said...

good luck with your classes and stuffs. between you and the girlfriend, i'm feeling like the biggest slacker in the world for not going back to school. then again, i barely made it out the first time!

Efren said...

That's what I get for taking science classes at the hippie school (AKA New College). I'm actually into it, but that'll be for a new post (probably tonight).