Saturday, August 25, 2007

The PCAT's over!

Just finished the PCAT two hours ago.

Frankly, I was expecting it to be a lot worse than I was expecting, though the math threw me for a loop (Calculus! ACK!).

I finished everything a lot quicker than I expected, particularly the chemistry portion, which I thought was going to be hard--but luckily, taking organic chem 2nd semester so soon really saved my ass.

Considering that I'm prohibited from really talking about the test material (which is to be expected), there was one incident which I took a really guilty pleasure in seeing, even if it may have been totally mean/rude/whatever.

When the chemistry portion was completed, the proctor had called time, everyone had completed the exam except for one Asian woman, who kept on writing, despite repeated demands from the proctor to stop and a number of her assistants telling her to stop. She was dismissed from the exam, but not before watching her scream, taking her exam, beg and plead ("I'm going to die if you won't let me take the exam!") to let her continue, and left, after everyone in the exam room was looking at her, when she realized she wasn't getting her way.

Frankly, I don't feel bad about it because I've seen this happen way too many times and these Asian women have gotten away with it (it may just be a West Coast thing, but I've seen this in high school, in college--some girls have even tried it in the classes where I was teaching, and I was harsh with them). It isn't fair for the rest of us, especially since 95% of the people taking the test were Asian, to see one girl get an advantage over the rest of us. I'm glad that the proctor stuck to her guns and kicked her out, and called security.

I don't understand why these women think that this strategy actually works, and if anything, annoys and irritates everyone else around them. And I certainly wouldn't want her to be my pharmacist.


Rona Fernandez said...

Wow, what a crazy phenomenon. In some ways I feel like there are many Asian women who walk around the way I feel a lot of white women do--with lots of entitlement and a weird 'princess' mentality. It's strange and sad.

But anyway, congrats on finishing! I saw your pic of your Avenue Q ticket on flickr--assuming that was your reward/treat?

Efren said...

Yeah, Howard and I saw Avenue Q with some friends. We actually planned it out a few months beforehand, and it turned out that everything was happening before that point, so it was nice to have something to really look forward to besides the (currently) amorphous goal of going to pharm school.

Anyway, I think that was the thing that was most shocking, to see this kind of behavior coming from a girl who (I'm assuming) is at least college age. Strangely enough, it does seem to come only from Asian women, and I've never understood it.

I think entitlement makes more sense to me, though again I've seen it more among Asian women who were working class--the middle and upper class women I know were probably socialized differently.

For me, I was actually most surprised at the rage I felt at her because she was, frankly, acting like a spoiled princess, and that if she had really wanted to, she probably could've carried the act a lot further. I probably would've had some more respect for her if she did because that would've taken some balls, but when she backed down when she realized that she had over 100 people looking at her, most of them uncomfortably, and none of them with any sympathy, her "loss of face" was probably greater than any other defense tactics she could've done.

What was funny was that the proctor was another woman of color (probably Asian, but I couldn't really tell) who clearly knew what was going on, and I think that's why I was so angry--maybe, just maybe a clueless white man would've fallen for it, but to do it to another woman of color? Could she really have been THAT clueless?

Florence said...

Congrats Efren!

I've never heard of that behavior in any of the places I've lived. Must be like you said, a West Coast and/or working class thing. Maybe I just haven't gone to school with that many APA women.

Efren said...

Well, the behavior is extremely rare--but I've seen it enough to wonder about the trends. 99% of the Asian women I know would be mortified to act this way, so I just found it really curious that this woman felt this was an appropriate way to act.