Monday, September 17, 2007


So I was supposed to hang out with a friend from elementary/junior high last night and her girlfriend after she saw the Native American AIDS Project benefit starring Judy Tenuta and Alec Mapa. I texted her after the performance to see what her plans were (and since she's notorious for being flaky).

I got a call almost immediately.

"Hey, I can't make it tonight..."

-That's fine. What's going on?

(silence) "Oh, God, I feel so gross!"

-What? What's wrong?

"Oh! My period! It started during the performance! I feel so disgusting!"

-That's all right. Really. We'll hang out another time...

(hangs up)


I love her, but did I really need to know that??? None of my other girlfriends feel a need to announce their periods with me...



TeresaTeng said...
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Yoshi said...

ew. never. no way. holy heebeejeebee no. yuck.

Efren said...

exactly. like i need to know when you're having your period. ewwww.