Saturday, September 15, 2007

More random stuff...

o The husband left for Seattle last Sunday. I'm feeling all right, surprisingly enough. We've been in contact (through phone calls and texts) every single day. I miss him terribly, but at the same time, it's helped to clarify a lot of my own personal issues about life that had nothing to do with him. It's a very good thing, actually. It's also made me realize that I am very happy that I am not a drama queen and I'm not making shit up to cause drama between us when there really isn't much at all.

o The biggest issue I've been dealing with is my own issues regarding being abandoned by people who love me, when that's really not the case. It's also made me realize how comfortable I am being by myself, when before it would drive me crazy.

o Realizing that I have a lot of good friends out there helps a lot.

o The biggest adjustment is truly realizing how I don't have to worry about (almost) anybody while making personal decisions.

Less serious shit---

o My best friend from college is getting married next week down in San Diego and I'm looking forward to seeing her as well as some friends like MusicChyckand the GirlFriend.

o Almost done with pharmacy school applications! I've written so many drafts of the supplementals for UCSF and UOP that it's driving me nuts.

o I've gotten into Facebook. Damn you, Joz!

o I'm frickin' tired--having to do all these overtime shifts has been a pain in the ass!

Ok, off to bed...:)

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