Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Blogging works for me...for now.

I've been noticing that a lot of my friends who were avid bloggers have started to take breaks and question whether blogging is the most appropriate way they want to communicate (in a relatively open forum, I suppose).

There's a weird voyeuristic and exhibitionist pleasure in blogging, where I get to read other people's thoughts, thoughts that can be seemingly private, or at least strangely compelling. A lot of my friends have started to question that, particularly since blogging is, by its very nature, really exhibitionist, since one is allowing to expose his or her thoughts without caring what others think about it.

I'm not really convinced of this argument though, because if anything it seems to highlight what is public and what is private, and how much we really want to post as stuff that's out there isn't so much private as it's stuff that one wants to reveal, but can often times not really be who that person really is. For me, I think it's a way to get rid of thoughts that have been bugging me and stuff that I want to get out there and release. I forgot who said this and I know I'm badly paraphrasing it but, "You've put it out there, let it go," seems to be the theme of my blog.

But I think that just makes the distinction between public and private even more rigid, especially now that so much of our lives out there is for public consumption, and what's considered private is now for others to see, although it seems like that "public" ends up just being random people in their own private worlds, but just thrown all together because we all have to interact with each other. I still feel uncomfortable when people have what I think are private conversations in public, especially if it's by cell phone, but maybe I'm just more old school that way--or we really are so isolated from each other that we don't think anything of putting ourselves out there. Ironic, huh, when the technology that's supposed to draw us closer has just made us more self-centered and withdrawn from the outside world.

It may seem like I reveal a lot in this blog, but at the same time, I think it also shows how much I keep to myself--which is a lot. There's a lot more going on in my life that I'll refuse to share in this blog, because I don't think it's appropriate for this venue--but at the same time, I hope that it gives people incentive to know me offline and figure out who I really am.

I think, for now, I'm going to continue blogging, if anything because I like seeing how I've developed as a person for the past 4+ odd years that I have been blogging, and seeing the trends that have existed in my life.


Bernie said...

I questioned my desire to continue blogging and took a hiatus in June, but have recently returned. This time however I think I'll be less personal and more reportorial, covering events and activities instead of sharing my private life.

jbrotherlove said...

OMG! Over the years I've read your words on different forums & news groups. For some weird reason I didn't know you had this space Efren.

As early blog adopters it's natural to question using this medium to express ourselves; especially since the tone of blogging has changed so much since we began.

Glad you're choosing to stick around!