Monday, November 26, 2007


So after 4 weeks of being on pins and needles about my pharmacy school application, otherwise known as PharmCAS, the application finally finished processing today.

I was most worried about my cumulative science GPA since all the schools required a 2.8 cumulative GPA in order to be considered for admission, and given my less than stellar record as an undergrad in the sciences, I didn't know if I would make it. Turns out I just barely made it with a 2.97, but considering that my GPA for my classes since 2005 has been a 3.7, I should be a pretty serious contender (I hope...)

The weirdest part was seeing how the courses were processed. Some classes were reclassified in ways that I wasn't expecting. The bulk of my ethnic studies classes were classified as social/behavioral science, even though there were some that clearly literature courses, like Asian American People Through Their Literature--classified as a social/behavioral science course. The weirdest was one that I had taken for fun a few years ago called Food and Culture, which was basically a cooking class--was classified as social/behavioral science.

Well, it boosted up my GPA in ways that I wasn't expecting--like my chemistry GPA overall was 3.0, when clearly it was below a 2.5!

Oh well, guess I shouldn't be complaining, I'm just confused about the whole darn thing.


AiYahh said...

only a 3.0?

(gets steaming cup of coffee and sits down stroking soulpatch)

Efren said...

Considering that I had barely a 2.5 in the sciences when I graduated, and the 3.7 I've gotten since 2005, it's a MAJOR improvement. 2.8 is the cutoff for UCSF and UH. Besides, all the schools said that they'd look at my most recent work with a lot more weight. At least now I know how UCSF gets their low GPAs as 2.9!

*strokes your soulpatch* :P