Thursday, November 15, 2007

Random stuff...

o Finally starting to get back into swimming again and really loving it. I'm not able to do the yardage that I was doing, but it seems that the workouts are just as intense so it all works out. I'm really happy that I can work out and not have my shoulder in serious pain.

o I finally a swimsuit I like--a drag suit from Speedo, which consists of a mesh outer layer with a regular speedo layer in a square cut, and it looks butch enough to wear with the guys I swim with. :P

o Was hanging out with some swimming friends who introduced me to this interesting stew at Playground, a karaoke/Korean restaurant in SF Japantown. Kimchee broth with hot dogs, Spam, Korean rice cake, and ramen noodles. It actually is a lot better than it sounds, though it did help that we had downed a few shots of strawberry flavored soju beforehand.

o Noticing that my liver is in a lot better shape as I'm realizing that I can hold my alcohol a lot better than before. Not that I drink on a regular basis, but just surprised that alcohol doesn't affect me as it did before.

o Gearing up for my microbiology class this weekend, another 4-week intensive from New College. I hope the teacher is as hot as my O-Chem teacher *sigh*.

o Getting a 96% in my psych class without even trying, and realizing that within a month, I'm going to be done with all my prerequisites for pharm school.

o Got an offer to tutor introductory chem for nursing students...we'll see if that pans out.

o Waiting for PharmCAS to calculate my GPA for my pharm school apps, and so I can finish my last two supplementals for Touro and Hawaii-Hilo.

o Glad that the husband is doing well in Seattle, though I still miss him terribly. But I'm looking forward to spending Xmas with him.

o Discovered that the local Korean market (Kukje in Daly City) carries sweet Korean mochi like at Pinkberry, and that their little restaurant can hold its own against other Korean restaurants in SF.

o Realizing the joys of fried chicken skin (chicharon manok at House of Sisig in Daly City and at Tampopo Ramen House in SF Japantown).

o Trying to figure out whether this one Asian guy in my hip-hop class is the only straight guy in the class. If he's straight, he's really comfortable with himself, given the girlyness of the routines we do. He doesn't trip my gaydar, so it's very curious.

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