Tuesday, November 27, 2007

What do I do instead of sleeping?

So I'm recovering from this weird scratchy throat thing, which is even weirder than the colds I usually get. Since I have a fairly decent immune system, I've been used to getting a scratchy throat, then all the symptoms that I usually get within a week are crammed into a day (sore throat, runny nose, stuffed up nose, sinus pressure, mild fever, then breaking of fever), so that by day #3, I'm fine.

This time around, I got the scratchy throat...and that's it. Ended up getting some pho* ga at Turtle Tower on Geary, then a Bittersweet at Bittersweet, then go home.

I expect my cold to get worse, and...nothing happens.

So I proceed to do my laundry, go over some notes, do some stuff for SFGMCI, and finally get around to using my iTunes gift cert that I got from one of my jobs last year, and proceed to spend over half of it in 30 minutes, buying Alicia Keys' new album (even if it does sound like she's croaking through most of it), Jill Scott's new album, and random other stuff (I can't believe I bought a single from fucking Ne-Yo, out of all people).

I also get a friend request on Facebook (which I still blame Joz for getting me addicted to this thing) from a friend from UCR, who Ernie (Mr. littleyellowdifferent himself) knows. Small world.

Then I get e-mails from a friend from high school who's applying to pharmacy school, who ended up running in the same marathon that I did back in '02, and my best friend from Bangkok, who even after having not seen him for over 6 years I still miss and love dearly.

So now that I've thoroughly procrastinated the whole night, I'm off to bed, juiced up with some Nyquil, and hopefully I'll be fine enough to swim tomorrow.

At least I actually did stuff I liked tonight, instead of stuff that I had to do out of obligation.

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