Monday, December 10, 2007

Random stuff

o I'm TIRED. Had another 20 hours of class (microbiology) in the past 48 hours. Annoyed that I got a B+ in my midterm when I should've gotten an 100 if I wasn't so damn careless. Kinda annoyed that the lab teacher seems to make it clear that I'm her pet, even though I'm not trying to be--maybe it's because I'm the only one who asks questions that are really relevant, admits to screwing up, and actually follows her instructions.

o Started posting for, which is pretty cool. Everyone there seems pretty smart and on the ball, though I've only been on for a few days, and I've been thinking about other things.

o Got an A- in my psych class. Not bad for not studying at all.

o One more pharm school supplemental to go, though I guess technically I have to get their okay before I submit, even if it is for my last choice.

o Looking forward to seeing the husband in Seattle for Christmas, even if it is only for a few days, but at least I'll see him again in mid-January.

o Preparing for interviews, and hopefully a week-long trip to Hawaii if I get the invite to interview.

o Tried Vosges bacon chocolate bar at Bittersweet. Fucking good, especially with Bittersweet's Spicy Hot Chocolate.

o Gave a bar of that to my two foodie friends, and now we're going to try this recipe for Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies. Considering this is for one of my workplaces' Christmas thing with my coworker, this should be quite interesting, along with James' rum cake recipe, which can be made truly lethal, thanks to the husband's rum glaze, which is basically rum diluted with a lot of sugar.

o I am tired. Did I mention that?

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Florence said...

Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies?

Good grief! We don't even do that here and I've had deep fried dill pickle slices!