Thursday, January 10, 2008


I just found out I have to withdraw my application for UOP today. It turns out that they don't accept the New College courses I've been taking, and I'm not going to waste another 5 months to take courses that I've already gotten A+'s just to fulfill some damn requirement from a school that I'm not that excited to go to.

Oh...was I being bitter?

(Note: For those of you who just started reading my blog, no, I don't talk about pharmacy school all the time--it's just really the only thing in my life that's causing me major drama. But hey, I'm going to Hawaii in a month and a half to interview AND to take a well-deserved week-long vacation...and may be start checking out places to live?)

Well, I could talk about some random person overseas trying to call me COLLECT on my damn cell phone, but that's nowhere near as important to me right now.


Kristina said...

Saw your comment on the post about Madison Nguyen and I just wanted to say thank you. It is a shame that a small vocal group of Vietnamese people are doing this and you are right that it is up to the rest of the community to stand up.


Rona Fernandez said...

congrats on the hawaii interview! i'm so coming to visit you if you end up going there. my godmother is moving to maui next year too so i'll have another person to visit. ;) as for UOP, fuck'em. who wants to be stuck in stockton anyway? keep yr head up---rona