Friday, January 25, 2008

Only for my foodie peeps and my Filipino friends in San Francisco ...

Stopped by Mitchell's Ice Cream in the Outer Mission tonight and saw that they had "kalamansi" sorbet, which they only have in the winter.

I've been loath to have it since most of the time it's usually really artificially flavored and I end up not being able to eat 1/2 a scoop before throwing it away. Of course, being the pig that I am, I order it anyway.

It's pretty damn good now. It doesn't have that artificial flavor to it, and you can really taste the calamansi instead of all the weird sugar syrup and preservatives.

If you're in the Bay, go there and get some. I'm buying myself a pint of it tomorrow.

And of course, I'm gonna try to make my own, since my calamansi limoncello was so good from a couple years ago, and I'm going to make dulce de leche ice cream as well. I have friends who have a double ice cream maker so I can make both. :)


Florence said...

I still tell people about how you took me to Mitchell's Ice Cream like, God, how many years ago? Eight?

Efren said...

Has it been that long?!!! Great, thanks for making me feel OLD! :D