Friday, January 04, 2008

"You want me to pay HOW much?!"

So I was looking at the tuition rates for all the pharmacy schools that I'm applying to (and thanking all and sundry spiritual beings out there that my dad's offering to help pay), and was floored by the costs.

UCSF: $21,000 a year, but since I'm a career employee with benefits, I'll only have to pay 1/3 of that.

Creighton: $28,000 a year.

Hawaii - Hilo: $31,000 a year for non-residents, then $16,000 a year once I obtain residency status.

University of the Pacific: $56,000 my first two years, then $36,000 my last year (It's a three year program)

Touro University - California, in Vallejo: $55,000 a year, for 4 years.

Guess I have to really prepare for UCSF...*sigh*

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

That is a lot less than I pay for business school!

Student loans, baybee!