Thursday, February 21, 2008

Hello from Hilo!

I arrived into Hilo last night and getting ready for my interview. I can't say too much now as I have to get ready, but Hilo is gorgeous and warm.

Wish me luck on my interview, then i'm off to tex drive in for malasadas and souvenir shopping.

Too bad I don't have 3G here in Hilo. The network is so slow!


Matthew said...

hey there! i'm sure you'll be really busy while you're there, but if you get the chance to stop for a workout at Club in Kona, be sure to say hi for me. You can even take a BODYJAM class there. I miss you very much. crossing my fingers for your interview!

Jennette said...

Best of luck on your interview, Efren! I'm sure you'll have time to enjoy the island. We should definitely have lunch again soon.

Efren said...

Matty: Unfortunately, I didn't get a chance to go to Kona--I was still recovering from the flu so I decided not to take the trip all around the Big Island like I wanted to. I miss you too, sweetie---call me or text me sometime. :)

Jennette: Thanks! I had a GREAT time on the Big Island--I'll call or email you next week so we can grab some lunch again. :)