Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hi from Honolulu!

What I've been doing so far:

o The interview at Hawai'i-Hilo pharmacy went all right. Halfway through the interview,
I realized that the interview was closed file since everything I said was met with confused
looks as I assumed they had read my app. The weird thing was that apparently not even
half the people scheduled didn't show up for their interview. I hope that works out for me!

o Touristy things I did on the Big Island: Drove up north of Hilo to Tex Drive In for their incredibly good
and sugary malasadas. Drove to Volcano National Park and was amazed at the lava formations,
the amazing scenery and the incredible 20 mile drive to the ocean. Realized how big of a nerd
I was when driving back from the end of the drive back to the entrance and literally saw the
evolution of plants on earth. Went to Nori's Saimin and Snacks (the best restaurant on the Big
Island, supposedly), and Cafe 100, the apparent birthplace of loco moco.

o Finally recovered from my flu after eating a bowl of saimin and found myself soaked in sweat after
my fever broke during dinner.

o Still wrapping around the fact that it only takes an hour long drive to go from Tex Drive In to the
Volcano National Park, and it's only a 45 minute flight from Hilo to Honolulu.

o Amazed that everybody thinks I'm local.

o Shocked that it didn't rain at all in Hilo, and glad I escaped the storms in

o Happy that I'm really enjoying my first real vacation in 4 years.

o Looking forward to doing some hiking, whale watching and more hanging
out with friends. Bye for now!


Yoshi said...

sounds as if you're having a great time. jealous of the saimin eating! glad to hear your fever broke!

KiwiKaz said...

Heya Effie - It's your sistah Lornz! I'm sooooooooo happi 4 U that you're on vacay finally R & R!

Hope you run into Rexus b/c I missed his show @ SJSU last week.

BTW, dude must be in hella talagang krazzee disconnected and/or naive if he has to ask if homophobia exists in Asian American community.

The doc is a start and I wish that they also focused on API's with strong self-identity/self determination politics. What film would it be if Folks were interviewed from downelink or eveb qpoc ethnic studies students?
Anyway - have a gr8 time & come home soon & safely! :) Hugz L