Saturday, March 08, 2008

Thanks for the birthday wishes!

Thanks to everybody who sent me birthday wishes...I feel very blessed and honored to have such awesome friends and family. :)

It was a very strange, but good day. Woke up with a weird tension headache that went away after I took some meds.

The hospital where I work on Fridays had a fire and we were evacuated. After the fire, my computer was acting up and for some reason kept on punching in the number 8, so of course I took that as a sign and bought a lottery ticket. I didn't tell my coworkers about my birthday, but they found out and gave me a card and some candy totally impromptu, so that was a nice little surprise.

The husband left me a sweet voicemail wishing me Happy Birthday and decided to give me Duel Love as a belated birthday present (I actually blogged about the game here).

After crashing after work, I went to hang out with some friends and have dinner and karaoke at Playground, and noticed that a show was filming there. My friends and I didn't think anything of it, since we figured we wouldn't be filmed, until a cameraman barges in on us while I was singing Spandau Ballet's "True," and he ends up filming me and my friends singing! Then one of the other people filming asked us to do a toast for the cameraman--and considering one of our friends there was underage, we gave her a glass of water and did the toast, just in case people wonder... So I guess I'm going to be on TV. Again. The show's called Check Please!, and it'll be featured sometime in April (I'm guessing). Thank God I'm used to knowing what to do for TV cameras...

So overall, it was a very interesting and fun birthday--and reminded me that I have some great friends and family. Thanks. :)

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:: jozjozjoz :: said...

I can't believe you got Duel Love.