Saturday, May 31, 2008

More random thoughts...

o Got called an "elder" (!!!) during a board meeting for the Community Initiative. After my raised eyebrow and all the giggles aimed at me, the guy who said previous comment stammered then proceeded to say, "Well, I know that none of you are under 40...", which brought about outright laughter from everyone on the board. It was all I could do to not mutter, "I'm 34, bitches, step off!".

o Also had a discussion on gay vs. queer during said board meeting, and while we're using the word queer, we all thought we liked the word "fag" or "poofter" better, since it's more in your face. Gay and queer are so politically charged anyway.

o Funny how other people (who are Asian) find it hard to believe that I'm _not_ 25! Until we take a hip-hop class and I'm limping out of the dance studio. Ouch. I can't do those moves anymore without tweaking something.

o I'm always finding it amusing that what's considered normal to us fags sexually is downright freaky to the straight folk. Case in point--a fellow (straight male) blogger from 8Asians was trying to compare sexual exploits with me on IM.

Him: I know escorts and porn stars.
Me: I've done a couple of porn stars.
Him:, well, have you done a 3some or more?
Me: Uh, yeah, haven't you?
Him: .....

I guess it's just all a matter of perspective. I don't ask straight people about freaky sex because I know that most of them haven't done it; and I don't talk to gay men about it because I know that we HAVE done it, and it's a given.

Another example: I was at the Lexington Club in the Valencia Corridor (YES, I know it's a dyke club) with some other bloggers (another gay Asian guy, and a straight Asian girl and her husband) and the topic of 3-somes and group sex came about.

Straight woman: What?! [gay friend] has done a 3-some?
Gay friend: Uh, yeah.
Straight woman: (looks at me) Have you?
Me: Uh, yeah. It's a given, right, [gay friend]?
Gay friend: Yeah.
Me: I don't need to ask because it's a given. And frankly, it's none of my business.
Gay friend: Uh, yeah.
Straight friend proceeds to get drunker and drunker.

Straight people are so uptight. Sheesh.

o Got moved up UCSF's wait list. I'm now in the low 20s, whereas before I was in the mid-30s. And apparently, the real movement doesn't start till June/July, so things are looking really good. And if I don't get in, I'm starting up my application now and getting it over with for next year. I'll probably narrow down my choices: UCSF (again), Hawaii-Hilo (again), Touro (again), and University of Washington (yes, I know).

o If I do get into UCSF this year, I'm throwing a party. Hell fucking yes. :)


Rona Fernandez said...

OMG this post is frickin' hilarious. I love yr IM exchange with the straight Asian boy (altho' I'm dying to hear how that exchange came about!). I love the 'freakiness' of gay men and other less-uptight folks, for one, and wish the straight world would learn a thing or two from y'all without falling into the sleazy-swinger-trap (which is what tends to happen when straight people try to 'loosen up.') UGH.

Efren said...

Rona, exactly. I'm definitely freaky, but I think I'm past the age where I need to broadcast it. I just find it funny that given what I've done for work and seeing how many straight folks' eyes get wider and wider and wider, I realize I have to tone it down and keep my mouth shut. :)

The sleazy swingers also ensure I keep quiet because I don't want to deal with them either. Blech.

Efren said...

Oh, the guy who I was chatting with apparently thinks himself to be sexually free-spirited, and for a str8 guy, I guess he is. Compared to me and my other gay friends, he's pretty prudish. I think he wanted to see how I compared to him in terms of...exploits.