Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Finally! My first rejection!

So I got a letter yesterday from Touro College of Pharmacy (in Vallejo), saying that I "probably won't get invited for an interview."

Yeah, you'd think after almost a year after I first worked on my application.

Anyway, I got invited by Touro to apply for their MPH program, with a guaranteed interview if I keep up a 3.0 GPA after their fall term.

Uh, like I really need to take a year off to go to school full time to get another master's degree. Considering that UCSF's medical sociology doctoral program for the first two years is like an MPH, I'm not interested.

It's just funny that after a YEAR of waiting, I finally get my first rejection for pharmacy school for 2008. And of course, the national application for pharmacy school entering class of 2009 just came online yesterday.

I'll probably get another one from Creighton's online program soon. I guess I really AM too gay for them.

And no, no updates from being waitlisted on Hawai'i or UCSF, though I'll probably call UCSF today to see if there's been any movement.

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