Saturday, August 16, 2008

Staying in SF for another year...

I've officially thrown in the towel and given up on waiting for Hawai'i-Hilo pharmacy school for 2008. I'm trying to understand exactly what it all means, since the conventional wisdom would assume that I would've been accepted to lower tiered schools like Hawai'i without any hesitation, given my decent post-bac (3.7 GPA), my work experience, and PCAT score (99th percentile), and that I wouldn't even been considered for UCSF, #1 in the country. As it turns out, UCSF was really the only school that expressed any sustained interest in me, and where I truly rocked the interview. I also ranked high enough on UCSF's waitlist that I could still conceivably be called in by mid-September when classes begin. Even if I don't get in, everybody I've talked to states that because of my high initial rank on the waitlist for 2008 that I'm guaranteed a spot for UCSF '09.

I guess this all just really means that I'm meant to stay in San Francisco. So I'm staying. At least for another year, and probably for at least 5.

Seems like the theme of this year for me is all about patience and letting time and nature take its course. I've realized I've done all I can anyway. I'm still really, really hoping for the phone call, but I'm prepared to sit it out another year and wait for 2009.

I'm actually surprised I'm not as bitter about it as I thought I would be. I'm annoyed, but I know that I can get in, if not for '08, definitely for '09.

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