Friday, September 12, 2008

Is this where I get it from?

So I wanted to go see my dad this coming Sunday to let him know that I'm moving back to SF, and I gave him a call.

--"Oh, Jun-Jun (my familial nickname, just means I'm Efren Jr.), I'm going to be busy. You have a couple of aunts in Alaska visiting."

o (thinking, Alaska? aunts? Neither my dad, nor anyone else on his side of the family, has ever mentioned anything about having relatives in Alaska?!) Uh, ok, Dad. Well, why don't we all get together for lunch? I'd love to meet them!

-- (uncomfortable pause from my dad. I can literally hear his gears turning trying to think of a plausible excuse.) "Um...well, you see, Jun-Jun, I have to drive them everywhere, up to Napa, Reno, and I don't think I'll have any time to get together with you on Sunday. Let's get together the following Sunday."

o (thinking, riiiiight, Dad.) Oh yeah, sure, I'll just call you next week. (hangs up)

Jesus, and to think that my dad was just such a nice monogamous type of guy.

I guess I really know where I get my player instincts from. Sheesh.


Darkmoon said...

I knew it! When you told me that your cousins were in from Zimbabwe last weekend, it was just cuz you didn't wanna take me to that bar! Damn.

Efren said...

and why exactly would you want to go to a gay bar...hmmmm???

AiYahh said...

(hums) *Papa was a rolling stone*