Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lots of things going on...

It's been a pretty crazy past few weeks for me, and I haven't really had a lot of noteworthy stuff to blog lately. Until now, anyway.

o Hawai'i-Hilo started classes two weeks ago, but I still haven't gotten the official rejection letter yet from them. Bastards. I probably won't apply there again since I had such a bad experience with them not following up with me in a timely manner.

o I'm #18 on UCSF's waitlist as of last Friday. Classes start next week, and I'm hoping for a miracle, but just in case, I'm going to complete my application for 2009 this week.

o I'm moving back to San Francisco in a few weeks. I'm realizing that my current living situation isn't working out (actually, it hasn't ever really worked out all that well), but I think this will give me the swift kick in the pants I need to start being social and having friends to hang out with regularly, instead of having to plan things out constantly because where I was living was really inconvenient.

o To that end, I'm going to have to go through major consolidation and cleaning up/getting rid of stuff that I've accumulated since I've been living in Daly City for six years. Most of it's stuff that I should've gotten rid of years ago, but for one reason or another, just never got around to it.

o Trying to decide whether I'm ready to go car-less. Considering that when I move back up to the City I'm literally a block away from the bus line that could take me to my jobs, or even walk to my jobs, I'm wondering if it's even worth it to keep my car. Not sure at this point.

o Really happy that the husband found someone new in Seattle. As for me...I'm keeping my mouth shut. :)

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