Monday, March 09, 2009

The bestest birthday ever!

Let's just say that turning 35 has seriously rocked in ways that I was totally not expecting. I think the main reason why is that things are moving forward in my life in terms of school--after having found out that I got accepted to pharmacy school in Hawai'i-Hilo a couple weeks beforehand and waiting to hear about UCSF while also getting ready for my interview at Touro this coming Thursday.

The other cool thing is having reconnected with a lot of friends and family through Facebook from childhood, high school and college. Yeah, Facebook is something that's poohpoohed a lot, but at the same time, it does have some utility. The realization that more people know about me on the web is a little shocking even though I've been on the net for 10+ years. It could explain why I've kept my private life very private and that the number of people who really know me are very few, even though it appears that I venture into TMI on facebook.

I also got to meet Stan from The Sweetest Tongue when he was visiting Ernie last weekend, and I was able to do my tour of SF (Korean fro-yo, and musubi with deep fried breaded spam!), and got to know another Asian Am bear/cub from the net (considering that I know all of maybe 5). And watching Ernie totally get fangirl'd by a friend at Dragon was pretty frickin' hilarious too.

Sobering moment that I am getting older: When Stan needed to find someone who grew up as a gay teenager in the 80s and I volunteered to be interviewed as a primary source, then suddenly realizing that the 80s was 20 years ago and it's been nearly 20 years that I've been fruity. Gah.

Unexpected surprise as I get older: Getting carded more, and having people shocked that I'm 35 when they think I'm in my 20s.

Best surprise: All the sweet birthday wishes from friends and family around the world.

Thanks for helping my turning 35 be so memorable.

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