Saturday, March 21, 2009

Two out of 3!

Just a quick post (and in case you don't follow me on twitter or facebook).

I got accepted to Touro University for pharmacy school today, which means I'll be declining my spot at Hawaii-Hilo (and throwing away $500, but at least it was insurance that I was going SOMEWHERE for school in the fall). I'm still waiting to hear from UCSF (and I have about one more week to go before I find out the results).

For some reason, it felt like I wasn't quite ready to move to Hawaii yet, although this is still a goal that I want in the future. In all honesty, it came down to being closer to my dad and my family, and at least getting into Touro means that it's still only an hour or so away to see my family in case something happens. If I get into UCSF, even better. It also didn't help that the cost for Touro and Hawaii were about the same, but at least if I stay in the Bay, I still have my jobs to fall back on. With Hawaii, I would've had to take out crazy loans just to survive.

Honestly, I still can't believe that it's finally happening--that after all the stuff I've gone through to get to this point, that I'm finally starting to go to pharm school (even if it is at 35). I'm really excited. :)

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